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CgT Sandra Salomão:
A place to transform.

The Sandra Salomão Gestalt-therapy Center, known as CgT Sandra Salomão, started in 1988, in a nice and cozy house in the neighborhood of Botafogo, in Rio de Janeiro, and since then it offers courses in Gestalt-therapy, and psychological assistance, becoming a reference center in Gestalt-therapy and increasingly seeking improvement. Its founder and technical coordinator is Sandra Salomão, an internationally recognized professional in the Gestalt-therapy and Brazilian Psychology scenario. The Center is composed of an integrated team that practices institutional therapy. We currently have a team of qualified and trained psychologists, with full support and supervision, in addition to employees from other professions and a team of secretaries ready to assist you. We developed an organization with its own methodology and coordinated and global therapeutic work.

CgT Sandra Salomão's client is not just a therapist or a course, that is, through our methodology, you will be surrounded by dozens of professionals with years of experience. ​

The Center represents years of experience in professional training and psychological care.

We provide individual and group, family and couple psychotherapy work as part of the course practice. We also have introductory and training courses in Gestalt-therapy, in addition to the Specialization course in Family Therapy in the model developed by Sandra Salomão and Ana Cristina Felisberto - The Systemic-Gestalt Model of Relational Intervention, and a course in group therapy and others group processes, as well as lectures, workshops and conferences. We have two psychological care services: the SAP - Psychological Care Service, which is aimed at those who want quality care provided by psychologists in the specialization course in Gestalt-therapy, and the ESPE Specialized Psychological Service Team, which is a service specialized in psychological care, whose level I professionals have a specialization course and the others, at least 7 years of experience and at least two specializations. Both services have the CgT Sandra Salomão quality standard, team work and are supervised by Sandra Salomão herself. Twice a year, the Center organizes conferences and hosts events with international guests, bringing many new features. It has hosted key international guests such as Lynne Jacobs (PhD)/USA, Paolo Quattrini (PhD)/Italy, Richard Hycner (PhD)/USA, Joseph Zinker (PhD)/USA, Claudio Naranjo (PhD)/Spain, Joel Latner (PhD)/USA, Anna Ravena (PhD)/Italy, Alejandro Spangerberg/Uruguay and Erving Polster (PhD)/USA.

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