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Commitment to Continuing Education since 1988.

We are an integrated team that practices a therapeutic environment. We have been offering, since 1988, psychological care, training, courses, workshops and lectures through the Gestalt-therapy approach.

Our founder and  technical coordinator is Sandra Salomão, a professional exponent in the scenario of Brazilian Psychology and Gestalt-therapy, nationally and internationally. We developed an organization with its own methodology and a coordinated therapeutic work.

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Individual Therapy

Therapeutic process for those who want to understand their issues and grow in all areas of their lives. It is also an effective treatment for situations of intense suffering.


Couple and Family Therapy

Couple and Family therapy receives couples and families from a Gestalt-systemic perspective, that is, each individual in the family is seen as a member of the family and as an individual.


Formative Therapy

This is a therapy aimed especially at psychology students and psychologists. It is offered by professional training psychotherapists.


Focused on individual emotional work based on the work of each member, taking into account that while one member works actively, the others work internally.

Group Therapy

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