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About Sandra Salomão

One of the pioneers in Gestalt-therapy in Brazil, Sandra Salomão is the founder and the Technical Director of CgT. Sandra is a Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Social Psychology. Gestalt-therapist trained in San Diego, USA. Creator and Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Gestalt-therapy at PUC-Rio. Professor at Instituto de Firenze, Italy. Visiting Professor of the Superior Course I for training therapists in Gestalt Portugal (Family Therapy). Supervisor recognized and accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. Professor and Supervisor at the Istituto Gestalt di Puglia, Italy. Visiting Professor at the Gestalt Course at the Institute of Genoble, France (Family Therapy). Visiting Professor at Santa Casa de Misericórdia, Specialist in Systemic Family Therapy at the Research Center in Rio de Janeiro. Family and Couple Therapist with specialization in Couple Therapy and Intimate Systems with Joseph Zinker. Coordinator of Gestalt-Therapy Training Courses since 1987. Founder of the Specialization Course in Family - Systemic-Gestalt Model of Relational Intervention in partnership with Ana Cristina Felisberto. Supervisor of the Psychological Assistance Service. Coordinator of Workshops and Open Courses since 1983.

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